Connecting Colorado companies and people to accelerate the commercialization of IoT technology and drive sustainable economic opportunity for Colorado.

Who We Are:

Launched in 2015, TechrIoT is a Colorado-based community of Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs, executives, manufacturers, investors, engineers, suppliers and academics. Together, we’re increasing speed to market for IoT products and services and convening Colorado’s ecosystem of resources for ground-breaking companies.

Far more than a networking group, we’re creating order among the often chaotic business landscape for IoT companies of all stages.

TechrIoT events bring together all the necessary resources and stakeholders–companies and specialists in hardware, software, sensors, data, connectivity, security, marketing, finance, and design–to help you ideate, launch and scale the next generation of connected devices products that will come to shape our world and our lives.

Whether you know it as the Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Machine-to-Machine, or Intelligent Systems–these connected devices are expected to total 50 billion by 2020. The mass of data generated and analyzed from them are poised to change nearly everything about the way we live.

Our Goal:

TechrIoT aims to accelerate the adoption and growth of the Internet of Things economy in Colorado. We are establishing Colorado as a global hub for innovation in one of the fastest moving and widest reaching segments of the technology industry.

How We Get There:

  1. Education and Networking – Monthly events featuring IoT thought leaders and practitioners on a range of timely topics for IoT innovators. Visit http://www.meetup.com/techriot/ to see our upcoming events. Topics range from intellectual property and data privacy/analytics to sales and distribution, among many others.
  2. Design Mentoring – We provide a valuable network of experienced IoT product designers and serial entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you bring your IoT product or service to market quickly.
  3. Supply Chain Guidance/Access – From rapid prototyping to full turnkey production, we work with one of the world’s largest IoT supply chain companies (Arrow Electronics), to help early and second stage companies conveniently access critical components and expertise, allowing companies to grow more quickly and efficiently.
  4. Financing – We’re building a network of funders active in the IoT space, spanning the continuum from seed investors to angels and super angels, to venture capital and private equity. We even facilitate connections to creative financing programs offered through our partnerships with major electronics manufacturers and supply chain companies.

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