An Upcoming Panel Bridging the Communication between IoT and Ad-tech

The crossover panel between TechrIoT, the national leader on IoT, and ADvocate, the Ad-tech community supported by The Trade Desk and Epiphany Ai, will be the most exciting conversation of the summer. Innovation Pavilion is bringing its two successful startup communities together as well as the leaders from both IoT and Ad-tech industry to exchange their insight and expertise in terms of how to collaborate and create new cross industry opportunity.

The meetup event will be hosted at Battery 621 on 621 Kalamath Street on next Thursday, July 14th. While this free event is open to the community, RSVP is still required on the ADvocate Meetup page. The event runs from 6:00 – 8:00 PM and panelists include the VP of The TradeDesk, Mike Davis, director of marketing from Arrow Electronic, Zaneta Kelsey, and VP of mobile and connected devices from SPOTX, Allen Klosowski.Epiphany Ai CEO and CSO, Joe Salvador and Brian Allen,will moderate the panel and lead dynamic conversations. More than 170 people have already signed up to join this unique panel session, and areexcited for updateson technology trendsand knowledge exchange with leading professionals.

“This is certainly going to be an exciting event. I believe by opening up a channel of communication betweenthese two upsurging industries, it will help to bring out new insights,” said Mike Davis, the VP of The Trade Desk.

Internet of Things and Ad-tech are two star industries on the rise. Both TechrIoT and ADvocate have had huge success respectively, and welcome the opportunity to explore industry cross-over jointly between these two communities. This collective in-depth discussion promoted by Innovation Pavilion will take the industries to the next level.

“At first, we started ADvocate and TechrIoT to separately focus on the current success of the ad-tech industry and the growth of the IoT industry. Then we thought,it would be interesting for the members of both the communities collaborate jointly,” said CEO of Innovation Pavilion, Vic Ahmed. “By having these two industries working with each other, new sparks are going to bring both industries to another stage.”

To learn more about this exclusive ad-tech and IoT Mashup event and to RSVP, please visit the ADvocate Meetup page at:

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About ADvocate

ADvocate is a start-up ad-tech community launched by Innovation Pavilion, Epiphany Ai, and The Trade Desk since January 2016. With a vision that ADvocate community will become a top ad-tech hub in the industry, ADvocate strives to bring all ad-tech companies in Colorado together to collaboratively tackle the problems and challenges in the emerging industry.

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